“I cowardly abandoned”: Melanie Thierry evokes for the first time this psychoanalysis which made her “vulnerable”


Currently on screen in the new series “In therapy”, Melanie Thierry has also personally started psychoanalysis … which she quickly abandoned.

The actress has always “dreamed of filming” with Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. The thing wanted, done, since February 4 Arte broadcasts “In therapy” the new series of the duo of a successful director, in which Melanie Thierry plays. A role that seems to him like a glove since some time before casting the young woman of 39 years was decided to begin psychoanalysis ”  A few months before moving to the cast In therapy, I thought that it might be interesting to follow psychoanalysis. »She confessed to our colleagues from Version Femina.

If the partner of the singer Raphaël did not really know where these sessions were going to “  lead her: I feel pretty good in my sneakers. But I find it interesting to confront yourself, to dig a little in the tunnels. “. The latter then decided to pursue her idea, ”  I had started a job with a wonderful woman  ” before finally turning back… ”  that I cowardly abandoned at the time of the first confinement. “. An interruption due to confinement that she did not try to resume afterward…” Let’s say that I still find excuses: summer, work, confinement …  “

But if Melanie Thierry finds excuses, it is ultimately for a good reason, ” I know that therapy shakes things up, makes people vulnerable, and requires courage. I also always reassure myself that my job is a means of doing your psychoanalysis, through the characters. Especially when, like me, you are a person who wallows in silence. “. However, Caesarized in 2010, the actress does not believe she needs to ”  shut up since all is well  ” in her life.

Moreover, with time and maturity, the mother of Roman and Alyosha continues to gain confidence, ” And, to be completely frank, I find that I have progressed. I manage to no longer hide, to no longer be ashamed. I lacked nerve for a long time, I was almost too well brought up. Sometimes, by listening too much to others, I did not listen to myself. Over time, I learned but, to 20 years is sometimes complicated. “