“I cried that there was no money.” Holidays in the Maldives Olya Polyakova angered Instagram users

Polyakova criticized on Instagram (Photo: Instagram)

Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova shared with followers bright pictures taken in the Maldives, where she flew to rest after celebrating Christmas.

In the new footage, the 36-year-old star is captured on a picturesque beach, posing in a brown bikini and white robe.

“Well, while in a robe! I will undress slowly! ”- wrote Polyakova in the signature to the cheerful staff.

Instagram users in the comments to the pictures criticized the singer for resting at an expensive exotic resort, as well as for publishing a photo in a swimsuit:

  • “And there were so many screams, and there is no money and there is nothing to live on. But now in the Maldives. “
  • “For us, artists, it’s so hard now, so hard! The state does not help us at all, there are no concerts, we are losing a lot of money, “and after these words, we go to the Maldives! All Ukrainians would be ” hard” for you.
  • “Do you have a deception? Who is more naked and tsitsok wiklade in the instu? One asshole. Have tied” zirki “already. Why don’t you boast more.”
  • “Olya, can I get rid of me on the card, and am I so sure?”
  • “There is no money from the concerts, have you decided to undress?”
  • “Everything is as it should be – from 20.12-7.08 for their corporate parties, from 08.01-24.01 leave, and suckers wait for the end of the lockdown. We are very happy for you. “
  • “This one that was picketing under the Cabinet of Ministers, cried that there was no money, and now in the Maldives.”
  • “And she didn’t show me a penny on Maydan”.
  • “I cried, cried that there were no concerts and cried to the Maldivushki, but we won’t make nichrome at the lockdown and we won’t go to concerts.”
  • “So why yell louder than anyone else that poor artists are sitting without money? I would have already sat in silence! And then she bellowed the loudest! “
  • “Most of all the artists crying concerts is mute, a pittance is mute, so dumb. Fuuu “.
  • “Yes, yes, this is the one who shouted that there is no money.”
  • “Someone said that there is no money to pay salaries to employees, they organized rallies, but they themselves … eh.”