“I-Day”, a festival with 300,000 spectators

Milan has a festival with three million tickets sold. It’s Independence Day which started yesterday with thirty thousand spectators for Florence and the Machine and will end on July 15 at the San Siro’s Snay Racecourse and X Expo area.

The artist, it must be acknowledged, drenched in Senselli’s handbook of popular music, that is, from the Latin pop of Rosalia to the hard rock of the Black Keys, designed to reach every age group and every stylistic taste. with some surprises. For example Travis Scott the phenomenal Texan rapper who sold eighty thousand tickets in 24 hours against a request of 150 thousand. or the Italo-Scottish Paolo Nutini performing to an audience of twenty thousand in what is probably one of the most crowded concerts of his career so far. «Of the three hundred thousand tickets, the fact that impressed me the most is that more than two hundred thousand were bought outside Lombardy, confirming the national importance that major concerts are able to acquire rapidly» , explains promoter Corrado Rizzotto. After all, there are names on the bill that deserve the long journey. Take, for example, the Red Hot Chili Peppers who may have ended their creative phase in songwriting but have a repertoire that would be the envy of almost everyone (Sunday 2 July).

Or the legendary rock duo The Black Keys and Liam Gallagher on July 1st. Also noteworthy are the 65,000 tickets sold for the Arctic Monkeys on July 15 with The Hives and Willie J. Healy. In short, the festival confirms that it has become an ideal meeting point for artists who may live outside the stadium or have not yet arrived but still have an attractive potential that makes this market a distant one. escapes the onlookers. Certainly part of the merit is – as Rizzotto points out – the “facilities” or services that are guaranteed to the public and that are absent in other large cities. For example, capillary and punctual metro. and a general reliability of other public transport and traffic control.

«I-Day can become one of the showcases of Milan not only in Italy but also abroad. For example, I know that managers and record companies will come from all over Europe for a Travis Scott concert», says Rizzotto. great sign.

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