“I definitely advise you.” Top 7 books on parenting from the frontwoman of the Onuka group Nata Zhizhchenko

Nata Zhizhchenko and Evgeny Filatov with their son (Photo: instagram.com/onukaofficial)

Onuka vocalist Nata Zhizhchenko shared a list of pedagogical books that helped her in raising a child.

She wrote about this on her Instagram page.

“ I have loved reading since childhood. I loved going to bookstores and constantly asked me to buy a new edition. At school it was difficult to master the program, but already at the institute I got hold of all the known and not too much literature, and in two years I completely planted my vision, but re-read dozens of books, ”wrote Nata Zhizhchenko.

The singer added that with the birth of her son, she became interested in pedagogical literature.

“ Oddly enough, among the array of publications and lectures, I found really cool books. The information in them is different, but, in the end, it is up to everyone personally, an adherent of what methods and thoughts to become. I confidently advise those who are interested, ”she wrote.


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List of pedagogical books on the advice of Nata Zhizhchenko:

  • “ It ’s important that your parents read this book ( and your children will be happy if you do)”, Philip Perry
  • ” How to become a ‘lazy mom'”, Anna Bykova
  • ” If it is difficult with a child”, Lyudmila Petranovskaya
  • “ Secret support. Affection in the life of a child “, Lyudmila Petranovskaya
  • ” The beginning of your child’s life”, Evgeny Komarovsky
  • ” Bye-Me-Not-Me”, Dmitry Trotsky
  • “ French kids don’t spit food. Secrets of education from Paris “, Pamela Druckerman