“I did everything except…”

Cecilia Rodriguez AND Ignatius Moser they are returning from alternative leave. Over the past few hours, Sister Belén has been sharing Instagram stories of her recent adventure with her partner, during which there was no shortage of critical moments.

Cecilia Rodriguez, unexpected confession

Among the experiences the celebrity couple has had in recent months is a van ride through Provence in search of simplicity and contact with nature. But on rest days, there was something Cecilia just couldn’t do. Sister Belen confessed: “It was a wild holiday. THATor I have never done such a holiday with him. Everything is very good, but there are also bad thingsit’s like sharing a bathroom with someone you don’t know“. Then he added: “I’m telling you, I didn’t have time, I’m sorry, I didn’t have timeCecilia and Ignazio are more in love than ever, they are due to get married in a few months or in October 2023.

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