I did not find out! Photo of Jessica Simpson displays how close that was to a strong accident


For one more day of quarantine with his family, Jessica Simpson decided to take the sun in their luxurious pool, and to not lose the habit, took a photo and shared it to his millions of fans who realized something dangerous.

The american artist did not realize until after he saw the photo, and that is you can visualize that in the water there’s something splashed very close to her, as if you dropped an object a few meters away.

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That was exactly what happened, and is that the former wife singer Nick Lachey did not learn that one of his sons hit a baseball that by very little, it hits you in the face.

“I tried to take a little bit of sun and my son hit a home run from the driveway that I nearly got nailed in the face. The proof is in the splash”, wrote the admired singer you have a good time away from the music.

The main suspect of this almost accident was your little Ace of six years, who is the second that the actress had with the former player of the NFL Eric Johnson and with whom to form a family of three firstborn in total.

At the beginning the followers of Jessica Simpson did not notice the great detail, but other yes and asked what it was that he was splashing around and when they read the full post, you will be surprised.

Of impact on the face of the celebrity of 39 years without a doubt he had caused a large bruise that will not forget in a long time.