“I didn’t want to do it anymore”, he doesn’t hold back and the truth comes out

Simon Ventura she is one of the most beloved conductors of all time, who has been at the center of not only her career, but also her personal and sentimental life.

However, recently the TV presenter visited Tgunomorning Summer and talking with Alessio Zucchinishe seems to have indulged in some rather interesting confessions.

But what did the conductor say?

Simona Ventura: who is the host

Famous historical figure of Italian television, Simon Ventura certainly boasts a very important career.

She was born on April 1, 1965 in Bentivoglio in the province of Bologna and began to take her first steps in the world of entertainment right after she turned 20 years old.

She won Miss Muretto and then competed in Miss Italy 1986 and in 1988 Miss Universe representing our country.

Host career

In her youth, she attended a high school for physical education in Turin, took part in various beauty contests and subsequently began to take part in some television programs such as Viva le donne and Gioco delle couples.

He began working in television in 1988 with Giancarlo Magalli on a program called Married Tomorrow, and then she was at the helm of a very important program or Those who are football.

However, there are many programs where Simone has been at the helm, such as Freshmen, Hyenas, X Factor, Sanremo Festival 2004, Festivalbar, Mai Dire Gol and Celebrity Island.

However, in recent years he led the program with Paola Perego titled Intercom Rai 2.

Confessions of Simone Ventura Tg1 Morning Summer

Let’s return to the interview that the presenter published this week in Tg1 Summer morning.

During a chat with Alessio Zucchini in a dedicated corner right during coffee, directly related toGrand Hotel Rimini, The presenter made a confession.

Beside him it really seems John Terzi a man with whom Simone has shared her life for many years.

In any case, during the interview, Simone reminisced about the past years, talking about her exhortation in the entertainment world and what her first participation in RAI was like, with Married Tomorrow program.

For her, it was a truly unique and special experience, because it gave her the opportunity to work in a completely new environment, but above all, together with many professionals.

“I didn’t want to be the valley anymore. From that moment on, I focused on wanting to be a sports journalist.”

This Confession of Simone Ventura who admitted that immediately after she had this experience, her dream seemed to be to bring Sports Sunday cit was led at the time by Maria Teresa Ruta.

And now, speaking of his career, Simon Ventura he said he definitely hadn’t thought about conducting certain programs like “Celebrity Island” and “Music Farm”, saying he didn’t have the budget for them.

Behind the scenes of Lady Gaga and other news about her work

Simone also acknowledged and revealed a very interesting backstory related toLady Gaga.

During the interview, the presenter admitted that she was the first to invite a pop star to Italy, when the latter did not have the success that she has today.

“HOURI saw this very strong and charismatic singer on YouTube and wanted her from those who have footballSimone said, adding that the authors did not even know who she was, but insisted that she had it.

The presenter then spoke about her current carrying intercomar Rai 2, a program he co-hosts with Lucio Presta’s wife, Paola Perego, which airs every Sunday morning during the winter season.

Simone admitted that she had a lot of fun, episode after episode, and that she got along so well with Paola.

Recently Simone has finished her meetings with Terrazza della dolce vita. and she’ll enjoy a few days off, ready to come back, and then dive into the new TV season.

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