“I didn’t want to do Men in Black. Spielberg sent a helicopter for me” – Corriere.it

If not for visionary producer James Lassiter, Will Smith’s career would not have been as brilliant. And he would risk not appearing in many of the films that made him most famous, including the Men in Black trilogy. Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg. To convince him, Spielberg used “challenge” by helicopter. The actor, winner of the Oscar for “The Winning Family”, spoke about this in the latest episode of the Kevin Hart show “Hart to Heart show”. TO”I didn’t want to do The Pursuit of Happyness. I didn’t want to play Ali… And then James chose the Men in Black. But I didn’t want to do it.”. The actor had just finished filming Independence Day and didn’t want to “do two alien movies in a row.” But Spielberg, who was the executive producer of this film, was not going to accept the refusal and therefore personally contacted Will Smith. TO”He sent a helicopter to pick me up to talk to me. – explained the actor – I was in New York. The helicopter landed at his house and convinced me already in “hello”. It was the first time I drank lemonade with sparkling water. You can’t refuse something like that.” Spielberg was very cold: “He told me, ‘Tell me why you don’t want to make my film.’ He was the producer and left the ellipsis. If he had continued, he would have told me:Fool, you know I was on Jaws, right? Do you know what I did ET?. So, Will Smith agreed to the role of Agent J in three Men in Black films. The film, released in 1997 and costing $90 million, grossed $590 and became the most commercially successful sci-fi comedy in the US. Then the success was beaten by two of its sequels.

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