‘I don’t care if it’s Michael Jordan’ – NASCAR insider denies Bubba Wallace’s intimate moment with 23XI Racing Titan

The 2023 Cup Series season is one of growth for Bubba Wallace, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Every driver goes through highs and lows during a season, and the 23XI Racing stars are no different. The good news is that he has learned from most of his mistakes this year and has become more mature as a driver. As far as team owner Michael Jordan is concerned, his growth has been undeniably positive. The NBA legend shared a personal moment with Bubba after the Talladega game. However, some people don’t want to read too much into this.

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Bubba Wallace is not having an easy time at Talladega Superspeedway. The 29-year-old needs a strong finish to break into the top 8. However, he only finished 23rd, scoring only 14 points. The 23XI Racing star was disappointed with himself at the end of the race as he believed it was his decisions that cost him and his team a good result.

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Fortunately, Bubba Wallace has the support of his boss, Michael Jordan. The NBA legend seemed to comfort the 29-year-old, which is always a good thing for a driver. As with every sport, it’s important to know your team is behind you even when the going gets tough, and NASCAR is no exception.

Considering 23XI Racing owner Michael Jordan is arguably one of the greatest athletes of all time, for him to walk up to Bubba Wallace and reassure him is something truly special. There is no doubt that the 29-year-old racing driver will do his best to repay the trust and compassion shown by his boss to Charlotte Roval.

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However, not many people feel this way. During a recent episode of the NASCAR NBC Podcast, former racer Kyle Petty made his thoughts on the Wallace-Jordan moment clear.

“Look, I don’t care if it’s Michael Jordan, I don’t care,” He said. “I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’ve seen Rick Hendrick do the same thing. Walked up to Chase Elliott and put his arm around him. Walked up to Kyle Larson Go up to Jeff Gordon, put your arms around him, and start talking. “

“I took Michael Jordan out of the equation because I’ve seen other owners do the same thing when a driver doesn’t feel like he’s having his best day. But for Bubba, being able to be in a position like this position, being able to get out of the truck without having to slip out the back door of the truck without your owner seeing you must be gratifying because you feel like you’re driving a truck. ‘Terrible Race’ Xiaozi added.

If anyone needed consolation at the end of the Talladega race, it was Bubba Wallace. The 29-year-old was ecstatic as he believed he cost himself and his teammates good results in the race.

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In his postgame interview, Bubba Wallace shared his disappointment and how he and the team are starting over before the Charlotte Roval game.


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“It’s just, I don’t know, we need to go back and debrief and find out. But track position is very important. If the bottom and middle lanes are running and it slows down enough, you can have the third lane working, but the last in We had a number at the station where we were trying to get fuel and when we were fifth we were 13th or 14th,” Wallace said.

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“I made a bad call there that cost us and the 45th a lot of position, which was a really good day. “Didn’t make the right move at the end, just trying to make up for what we lost, track position. ” said the 23XI Racing star.


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Entering Charlotte Roval, Bubba Wallace will have a tough job ahead of him. All hope is not lost because he is 9 points behind the cutoff, which is not a lot. The 23XI Racing star has been in this position before and will do whatever it takes to make it to the next round.

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