“I don’t go on diets.” Penelope Cruz revealed the secrets of her beauty and talked about nutrition

Penelope Cruz spoke about her diet (Photo: Instagram)

Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz, who has been the beauty ambassador of Lancôme for many years, has presented a new fragrance for the brand.

The 46-year-old film star starred in an ad for La Nuit Tresor and showed a still from the ad photo shoot on her Instagram page.

In honor of the release of the fragrance, Cruz also gave an interview to the Brazilian Elle, in which she spoke in detail about her diet and revealed several beauty secrets.

The actress revealed that her day starts early and usually starts with a workout:

“I wake up around 7:30. I need seven or eight hours of sleep. I have breakfast with my family and if it is a school day I need to take care of my two children. If I’m not working, I try to work out in the morning. I also love taking natural supplements as well as an organic protein shake in the morning, ”she said.

Cruz also said that she prefers to eat for breakfast:

“Sometimes eggs, fruit, celery juice, homemade cereals, toast … I love organic coffee with almond milk. But I try not to drink more than two cups a day. I always have organic fruits and vegetables in my kitchen, as well as meat and fish. We also love quinoa, coconut sugar, and chocolate! In fact, I really enjoy eating healthy. I never go on diets, but I love natural products, and my children have also adapted to proper nutrition, ”says the star, adding that he prefers to eat vegetables, some protein, and a small portion of carbohydrates for lunch.

“I feel like I’m living on a Mediterranean diet with slightly less sugar and carbs,” says Cruz.

The movie star also highlighted the importance of meditation and sports, which help her maintain not only her body but also mental health.

“My way of disconnecting from the world … Sleep, exercise and transcendental meditation. Sometimes prolonged massage works well. The last thing I do before bed… I read a little, reflect on my day and list everything for which I am grateful, ”summed up the star.