“I don’t know if she will write anything better.” Renata Litvinova emotionally announced Zemfira’s new album

Zemfira is preparing for a loud premiere (Photo: instagram.com/renatalitvinovaofficiall)

Actress and director Renata Litvinova on her Instagram page said that Zemfira had finished work on a new album.

Litvinova published a photo of Zemfira and remembered the story of how once the film director Kira Muratova praised her short story. According to Renata, the singer will release a ” brilliant album”.

“Once Kira Muratova told me, after reading my story of Ophelia, who innocently drowned,” “I have two news for you, one good, the other bad,” I asked to start with a good one. She said: “This is a brilliant story!” Then I asked: “Which is bad?” She replied, “You can never write anything better.” And today – I listened to Zemfira’s new album – and I have two news for you – one bad and one good. This is a brilliant album. And I don’t know if she will write something better, “ Litvinova wrote.

Back in April 2020, Zemfira announced that she was busy working on the seventh disc.

Under another photograph of Zemfira, the director noted that the album would soon be available to a wide audience. “Very soon, very close,” reads the sign. Zemfira also became the author of the music for Litvinova’s new films North Wind.

Recall that the singer’s last studio album, the album Live in Your Head, was released in 2013. In April 2020, the artist presented a song called Crimea.