“I don’t know if the family is happy about this”

Alberto Barbera, Artistic Director of the Venice Film Festival, explains how Priscilla is different from Elvis Baz Luhrmann (2022).

long awaited 80th Venice International Film Festivalexpected from August 30 – September 9, 2023. On Tuesday, July 25, the official program of the Festival was presented, which, like every year, is full of great authors of international cinema, independent cinema and long-awaited world premieres.

The artistic director of the festival, Alberto Barbera, had the opportunity to talk about some of the options and films in the program, in particular, he talked about Priscilla, a film by Sofia Coppola starring Priscilla Presley, wife of Elvis Presley. A film that is a creative response to last year’s Elvis film director Baz Luhrmann.

PriscillaAlberto Barbera on film wanted by Elvis’ ex-wife: “It’s a different point of view” compared to Elvis Luhrmann.

Priscilla Sofia Coppola - Cinematographe.it

Priscilladirected by renowned director Sofia Coppola is based on the autobiography of Priscilla Presley, the ex-wife of the famous American singer. The film is ideally the answer toElvis (2022), which we saw last year starring Austin Butler.

When asked by a journalist from the American magazine Deadline what he thinks of Coppola’s film, which will compete at the Italian festival, Barbera replied the following:

This is a different point of view. Sofia (Coppola) wants to tell true story of priscilla and I think she succeeded. Priscilla Presley herself is pleased with the film. I’m not sure the rest of the family is equally supportive of him., but she is very supportive and loves the film – and this confirms that the film is a success. It’s actually an intimate movie. This is the exact opposite of the Baz Luhrmann film.

Priscilla stars in the cast starring Kaylie Spaeny (Murder in Easttown, 7 unknowns in El Royale) as Priscilla and Jacob Elordi (Euphoria, Kissing booth) to those of Elvis. Vision Distribution will take care of distribution in Italy, release date, however, has not yet been announced. Priscilla marks Sofia Coppola’s third collaboration with production house A24 after On the rocks 2020 and Elite society in 2013. Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter also produced the film, along with Yuri Henry, Lorenzo Mieli of The Apartment, Fremantle Company and American Zoetrope. The production was funded by The Apartment and Sony Stage 6 Films.

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