“I don’t know this man anymore” …: the scathing remarks of Sonia Rolland against Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday


While her ex-companion and Laeticia Hallyday seem to spin the perfect love, Sonia Rolland, she still has obviously not really digest the news.

Between Jalil Lespert and the former Miss France, the love story began with love at first sight. This crush during a photoshoot followed a strong nine-year relationship, as well as the birth of a little girl, Kahina, born on November 6, 2010. But since their separation, nothing has worked.

Asked by our colleagues from Paris Match, on newsstands this December 31, on this subject, Sonia Rolland immediately displayed the color of her thoughts against her daughter’s father, ”  I no longer know this man”, followed by a ”  We must call Laeticia!” In response to a question about Jalil Lespert. But, if the latter is currently swimming in full happiness with the widow of Johnny Hallyday, for the former Miss France, the resentment is much older and concerns other subjects, very different from this new love.

In 2018, Sonia Rolland had already confided in Paris Match concerning her ex and did not reveal only good memories, ” The construction and the stabilization of our couple required crazy energy from me. People asked me why I was losing weight. I was losing weight. was consuming me from the inside. To announce her break with the director, the former beauty queen had made a point of explaining her choice, ” I was dying out, disappointed to realize how much I was giving of my time and my energy without receiving so much in return. ” Unlike her, Jalil Lespert had announced their breakup on Instagram in a much more tender way, “A new life, a new direction, thank you for these beautiful years shared of joy, construction, and learning. An indestructible bond remains between us forever, our daughter. Our paths separate but, thanks to her, our future will remain in one way or another common. “.

Finally, two years later, the latter has found love with his sweetheart Laeticia Hallyday and seems happier than ever. For Sonia Rolland, life also seems to be more exciting than ever, both professionally and personally.