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“I don’t understand bitcoin but we have to support the Salvadoran”

On the subject of bitcoin, I would not like to pay much because in the first place we did not follow the vote, in the second place, I do not understand it, the truth (he laughs) ”.

I do not understand the issue of bitcoin, nor do I just understand it, but we have to support the Salvadoran, and if the government and President Nayib Bukele say I am going to give you 30 for you to start, so that you can start practicing, we have to support it . On a personal basis, we should accompany because it is a gift that goes to Salvadorans ”. Reynaldo López Cardoza, deputy of the PCN, ally of New Ideas.

In a video on YSKL radio, the deputy recalled that his party did not accompany the approval of the Bitcoin Law.

The Bitcoin Law was approved on June 8, 2021 with 62 votes. The regulations legalized bitcoin as “legal tender” in El Salvador and its article 7 indicates that economic agents must accept bitcoin as a form of payment for the sale of a good or service except for lack of access to technologies.

They will evaluate if they will vote for Fidebitcoin

López Cardoza also maintained that, to assess the approval of the bitcoin trust, they will first speak with the general secretary of the PCN, Manuel Rodríguez, and the deputy Serafín Orantes.

“We are going to evaluate if we are going to vote it,” he said. However, he was personally in favor.

The trust is a support to the Salvadoran as far as I understand it, that they are going to give the $ 30 in bitcoin to the population. So, I do have something that I cannot advance but if I say something that if he comes and gives a sweet to a Salvadoran, we are going to support him ”. Reynaldo López Cardoza, deputy of the PCN.

The pecenista insisted that it is a law and “it is a reality.” “The only thing that remains for us is to accompany, accompany and accompany the Salvadoran, we cannot turn our back on people who do not know,” he justified his support for the next approval of the trust.

The Fidebitcoin proposal was presented on August 19 after 8:00 pm by the Ministers of Finance and Economy last week without summoning the media. The project has not yet been disclosed by the Legislative Assembly.

The Fidebitcoin intends to guarantee the automatic convertibility of bitcoin to dollars.

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