“I don’t want to be a friend or idiot of the players”

San Lorenzo needs a clean slate. With that goal came Pedro Troglio, who after three years returned to Argentine football to lead a great who needs to change his image. The brand new DT referred to how he faced the group of players, and possible reinforcements.

San Lorenzo Troglio

San Lorenzo Troglio

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“For me this is an honor and a very good opportunity. When I get to a club that is bad I start to live the situation and start from 0 with the players there are “He said about his new cycle in Argentine soccer.

Regarding possible reinforcements, the DT was cautious and expressed: “You arrive and you have to understand what the economic situation of the club is and you have to adapt”. Although he was encouraged to slide that “Blandi is a possibility.”

However, he confessed that he does not want to focus on possible incorporations but rather to work with the players he has available now. “Those who defend him on the court are them”, explained on ESPN.

He also defined his way of working: “I try to create a good group because I believe in happy work and good vibes”. But he also explained: “I don’t want to be a friend or a jerk to the players.”

Pedro Troglio press conference.

Pedro Troglio press conference.

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In addition, Troglio referred to the moment that the Cyclone has been experiencing for some years: “What has been lived has already happened, this is a new stage, there are renewed airs. I do not notice that something happens, yes what I saw on television. But today is a time to change the air, in training I notice a group of players who want to do things well, I don’t notice bad weather. Later we will see how the results are given. “

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Win or win

The coach also knows that the only way to reverse the situation is based on good results: “There is no better way than winning. The San Lorenzo fan always accompanies, and they will accompany more if the results are given. You have to mesh results and good things bring confidence and a better predisposition. The only way to change this is to win. “

Regarding the campus it has: “From the middle of the court forward there are players with excellent footing, fast and spicy. The intention is find a vertical team. You have to take hold from the midfield to the back to be a slightly vulnerable and annoying team. There are guys who have a huge future. It is difficult to ask them to solve the mood climate. But you have to put them on a team that works. “

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