I Dotted Again! Fire at will, Soon a New Version with Realistic graphics!


INDOZONE.ID Fire, which is currently known as one of the game battle royale with the quality of the graphics is the worst. Not only the graphics, the mechanics of the game are also too rigid and lose a lot with the game “battle royale”, the other as a PUBG Mobile or Fortnite.

Branded as a game ‘dotted’, Garena, since the publisher of such games seem to change the image of the game to be fire-Free, better again, it was new named fire done by the release version of the Free Fire Free Max.

Image Material Signs Of Fire Free
Image Material Characters Free Fire (Photo/Garena)

On the basis of the information quoted from the Free Fire Club, Garena seems, is getting ready to release a free fire-Max, with an increase in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Unfortunately, until now there is no screenshot of the game fire Free Max. In addition, Garena also not yet confirm the presence of fire at Max, and also the release date.

But be aware that it immediately conduct a study for the game and have a size of 1GB. We will see what kind of graphics fire Free Max. It is better than PUBG Mobile or not?

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