“I feel better.” Masha Efrosinina explained why she refused meat

Masha Efrosinina (Photo: instagram.com/mashaefrosinina)

TV presenter and blogger Masha Efrosinina in Instagram Stories answered questions from subscribers

The 41-year-old celebrity, who leads a healthy lifestyle and closely monitors her figure, admitted that she had excluded meat from her diet.

According to Efrosinina, this eating habit has a positive effect on her well-being. The star also told how she ate during isolation due to COVID-19.

“ It is extremely rare for me to eat a bird from severe hunger. But I began to like more and more the absence of proteins in daily consumption. I feel better this way. During covid, I was completely on the lightest plant-based diet. And my body didn’t ask for more. Only drink in liters. I will never forget the condition of my skin after 14 days. Delight!” – shared the host.

We will remind, Efrosinina said that once doctors diagnosed her with infertility.