“I feel sorry for her”. Britney Spears worries fans with a new dance in short shorts

Britney Spears worried fans again (Photo: Instagram)

American singer Britney Spears has shared with fans a new video filmed on a smartphone in which she is dancing in her house.

This time, the 39-year-old pop singer danced to Chris Isaac’s hit Blue Spanish Sky, appearing in a video in a short top and short black shorts.

In the comments, fans actively discussed Spears’ appearance and also expressed concerns about her mental health.

“Does she even see herself in the mirror? These crazy outfits ”,“ She looks so tired and drugged ”,“ Is this our tip to call 911? ”,“ Her eyes always look like she was crying all day ”,“ Something she got better ”, “Buy eye makeup remover Brit”, “Let’s go, another dose of madness”, “I love you, but something is wrong with you”, “Comb her hair”, “Gone crazy”, “How I feel sorry for her,” fans write.


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The day before, Spears showed a beach photo in which she posed with her boyfriend, fitness trainer Sam Asgari.