“I Feísima!”. The video for Jennifer Lopez in her first film for the cinema!


February 24, 2020
(Mark 12:30)

It Jennifer Lopez it has a picture of a scandal for her 50 years ago it’s no secret, JLo we’re used to seeing it work out in the fitness center. The american singer tends to hang often the photos in your account of Instagram, where it appears that getting in the way. The artist is a diligent gym.

Something that goes well with a healthy and balanced diet. With a menu carefully designed by professional nutritionists. The bottom line is that Lopez don’t have any other choice if it wants to keep up with the figure that you presented to her 50 years ago and, once you have gone through a delivery in which she gave birth to twins. That, and a healthy diet, or spend for the surgery. There is no other.

Jennifer Lopez shows body

In addition to this, JLo it’s kind of one of those celebrities the once you like the look of the palm heart, in his public appearances. The united states knows that he has a body, a heart attack, and likes to brag about it. In many of your posts on Instagram appears to pose the body.

A way of being, and of a character that he has the reputation that it has today. The goddess of the Home it is one of the artists most popular and the most cache.

The video of the last of Jennifer Lopez

But her work has cost her. The united states did not give him anything. He had to currárselo a lot to get to where you are. And in the beginning, did not reveal the knowledge of your class, which will take place to-day.

Attention to the document in the last few hours it went viral, in which it appears JLo in one of his first castings. A document that is not seen as ‘left’ as in the present, and not in the same way. “I Feísima!, exclaman on the network.