I followed the Sergio Lapegüe show LIVE with Lapeband

Lapeband, the band of the journalist and musician Sergio Lapegüe is performing from 7:00 p.m. this Sunday on Corrientes Street. It is a perfect time to enjoy good energy through songs of all time.

The group presents their first album The sun comes out whose first single – which bears the same name – conveys a message of hope after a pandemic that affected many people. In the setlist there will also be “Without you”And other new songs.

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“I prepared myself with a lot of desire and positive energy. I feel like I’m debuting on television. It’s that dream that I had to fulfill and sharing it on Broadway with people is incredible ”, Lapegüe described before the recital.

“There will be the songs from our first album, songs that I composed recently and in the months of the pandemic. The public has already heard ‘Without you’ and the new cut ‘Sale el sol’ that has to do with all this that we live. Always after darkness comes the sun. We are about to start a tour on weekends, with the idea of ​​touring our country. ‘Ay nena’ is another topic “, he advanced in the talk.

The message of their songs

The driver said that the idea is to generate a positive attitude in people. I really like ballads, I don’t know if it’s because of my age, but love is always present. There are some topics that I composed dedicated to some people. The message is to be able to get ahead ”.

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In the case of composition, Lape argued that it does not have a formula. A song can appear anywhere. “I do not have much time. I write the lyrics in a taxi, on the plane or in the radio sessions. Sometimes the lyrics come first and then I put the music on it. It is different if I have a guitar at hand. For example, ‘Sin vos’ was born with music and later I was putting the lyrics to it.

The dream of playing with friends

With some of the members, Sergio has known them since adolescence. They always shared a love for music. When they turned 50, the journalist decided that it was time to start with the group. “We did the first show on September 26, 2015 and then 300 more dates came, touring the whole country. We love old music, especially the rockabilly and we make our own versions, always trying to add an imprint that distinguishes us ”.

I followed the Sergio Lapegüe show LIVE with Lapeband

And he added: “In the beginning, they had one band and I was in another. Then I was his manager. A friendship that lasted beyond 30 years. Releasing this album is a dream come true. I never imagined it. This time it will be digital, but I would have liked in physical format, to have it on cassette, vinyl or CD ”.

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