I found out how he manages to Irina Shayk always have a radiant skin!


In the first place, Irina Valérievna Shaijlislámova known as Irina Shayk, is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. What is certain is that the Russian model, who became famous for his work in the magazine “Sports Illustrated” in the year 2007, assures that their routines of beauty are not far from that of any woman taking care of the daily to be more beautiful.

Well, the ex-wife of the actor and film director, Bradley Cooper, does not have “secrets” and, according to the international media, and sleeps more than nine hours when you have an important event the next day (mainly to rest and relax the body). In addition, the top rub ice on your face when the note somewhat puffy and says that one of his best methods of “anti-stress” is to take three baths a day if the day allows.

Now, what are your cosmetic favorites? The magazine Byrdie he decided to reveal this mystery. In this way, the media quoted informed that the mother of Read Of Seine Shayk Cooper (two years) “listening to your skin and has learned to give you what you need in every moment, instead of using too many products daily.” A great tip facial!

On the other hand, Ildi Pekarthe expert which is attended by many celebrities to treat your skin when you are in Manhattan (United States), agrees with the celebrity and recommended from the article named: “The biggest mistake that I notice that make my clients is on or over, or fall short in regards to taking care of your skin. It is not usual that you find someone who has a balanced routine and the right products”.

“Usually, I meet women who will make quite a few treatments a week and this can sometimes be entirely unnecessary,” added the specialist in facial care. For this reason, the same has always said that you should go to an expert that you study each particular case. Also, it is important to take into account the age at which you begin to take care of the skin.

The latter can cause a person to think that it can’t find the beauty ritual right. Therefore, the facialista of Irina Shayk indicates that the 30 are the “perfect” time to start using methods to delay the aging, for example. “I recommend the natural treatments prior to they opt for the that are irreversible,” he said.

Finally, we emphasize that Ildi Pekar (who also cares for the skin Miranda Kerr) reveals that for her, the formula of the success consists in finding tailor-made products and take in more alkaline foods to reduce acid levels in the body, among them we can find the following vegetables: carrots, cabbage, avocado, and all of green leaves.

“You have to book 20 minutes a week to pamper your skin with a good mask, and an exhilarating massage of 5 minutes, you give the care you need until your next visit to your specialist,” concludes the expert to the average quoted, insisting that it is the secret to a beautiful skin (such as the look of the models). In addition, does not rule out that a healthy diet and a good routine with natural treatments, can give the skin an enviable one that has the ex-wife of Bradley Cooper.