I had a semi-collapse, the body asks to stop

Salmo announced the cancellation of concerts in August and early September due to a semi-collapse and a throat problem.

Psalm (photo by Bogdan Chilldays Plakov)

Psalm (photo by Bogdan Chilldays Plakov)

It’s not a very good summer for Salmo, who after the “risk of losing his hand with the glass door” fell ill again in recent days and was again forced to cancel the next concerts until the Sicilian 31 August and 2 September. In fact, the Sardinian rapper revealed on social media that due to a physically devastating month, he is forced to stop for a while to recover. In his Instagram stories, he wrote: “Sorry for such an unexpected event, I need a couple of days to recover. Tickets will be refunded, thank you very much.”

Salmo’s health status

The singer then also wrote a post in which, after making a list of the physical problems he suffered from in recent weeks, he talked about semi-collapse and a serious throat problem: “I have to say that the last month has been devastating. Between videos, concerts, 30 stitches, 2 courses of antibiotics, blood pressure, laryngitis and fever, I don’t know how I managed to get up. Don’t sing, you were waiting for me until 3.30. I owed you! The problem is, I have a serious throat problem right now. I had a semi-collapse yesterday, the body asks to stop.”

All dates canceled

We wish him well, fans have ridiculed the live replay, a battle that Salmo has had in recent days while commenting on a Travis Scott concert in Rome. Therefore, the rapper will miss these dates, according to Vivo Conerti, the agency that handles his booking: “We inform you that due to the Artist’s health, which requires forced rest and treatment, a DJ set scheduled for August 18 in Attard (Malta) and concerts @ lebonwski are scheduled for August 21 in Follonica (GR), August 23 in Romano d’Ecellino (VI), August 25 in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), August 27 in Acre (CS), August 31 in Palermo and September 2 in Catania are canceled.

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The rapper has a hand injury.

The other day, Salmo posted a photo from the hospital. in which he showed himself with a noticeable wound on his arm. The singer for the first time canceled concerts in Sicily. Also on Instagram, he wrote: “I’m fine, yesterday I risked losing my hand with a glass door, I’m very lucky. I thank the guys from the emergency room in Rome for sewing me up. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending.” on a double date in Sicily, I’m sorry”

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