‘I had medal options but didn’t expect silver’

Charlotte Salgado (Vigo, 25 November 2005) This summer won Silver medal in the heptathlon at the Spanish Under-20 ChampionshipsIn a few weeks, he will go to Belmont University in Nashville, USA. David Gomez trains her, although her father, Alberto Salgado, is also a coach. He began his forays into track and field at the age of eight.

How did the money sit?

What a surprise for me. I finished 4th out of all the applicants and was poised for a medal, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get a silver medal. He expects to get around 4,700 points, which is the bronze medal. However, I did 4,900, which landed me second. The first day was fine and put me at ease, but I was also a little nervous. The break between day one and day two was difficult for me. I get nervous easily. Now I wear less, but I’m always nervous about what might happen.

He has elevated his brand, are you looking forward to it?

I expected some improvement, but not by that much. Fence brands didn’t foresee this. I got off to a good start to the year, but by June I was in trouble. Going into the Spanish Championship and getting such a good result gives me confidence for the next games.

How do you face 800 meters?

I often get more nervous before starting. Now I have better control. A lot of pressure. It’s better when you start running, but the first few minutes are terrible. This time I didn’t notice the fatigue much because I got a lot of adrenaline. But yes, in other tests the results were fairly fair. All you have to do is try to lighten your legs as much as possible by “rolling the wheel” or by massaging them, making them as fresh as possible.

How did you feel during the game?

While I was in charge, he came home and I was devastated. More this year because I’m in high school and at the end of that month’s load I have to go to physical therapy because I can’t take it anymore. It was a little bit different during the race because I felt a lot better because I arrived uncharged. Although fatigue became more apparent as the test progressed, I felt more refreshed than I had in the weeks leading up to training.

What is your experience of studying and training in high school?

I’m demanding and I like to get good grades. I wanted to contact them but I was very overwhelmed during the first trimester. Later, when I got accreditation for a US scholarship, it was much better because it gave me some peace of mind. Outdoor season results are better. I became calmer, which was necessary because I trained six days a week for up to three hours in the combined test. The time is too long and I don’t have time to study.

If athletes choose to go to the United States because of the convenient combination, then for them, this advantage is even greater.

There, they adjust the schedule according to the games. For example, if there is an exam and it matches you, they can change it. Training and courses are also combined. Take me as an example, when an intermediary agency contacted me, I was thinking about it. Olaia Becerril, who my dad trained, was there and I followed her example. I had a meeting with the agency, but the meeting was pending. A year ago, I thought about it more seriously and took the exam, which was mandatory. Next, I chose to search for colleges on my own, without an intermediary. The advantage of this is that you can choose the college, but it is also more complicated to get into college because you have to be the person who connects the center and the coach. You must complete the entire application and visa process. Even so, I’ve handled it well and I’m happy with my coach. I think you should look for the people who are most interested in you. In the end, you are like a product and what they are looking for is you for their college performance. If the coach doesn’t show interest, he’ll give him the same way to get you there. He was really worried enough.

He was going to a southern state, and I think that played a role as well.

It’s not my preferred coast, but it’s further south than the others. On the other hand, I go to college and we have an indoor track and I hardly ever go outside in the cold. be positive. I want to study engineering physics. I’ve always liked science, I went to high school at that branch school, it’s my favorite. However, in the first semester, I didn’t have many subjects related to this, but there will be more later.

In terms of athletics, how will it be organized?

As an all-round athlete, we will compete in individual events, then the winter pentathlon and the summer heptathlon. I will make one or two. This is an established fact. There is another Spanish athlete there and she has already told me that she is very happy.

Do you think you have the option to be a professional athlete?

To get to that, you have to be at a much higher level than I am right now. But anything can happen. I was having a hallucination there.

His coach is David Gomez, although his father is the track coach here.

Despite my stubbornness, my father gave me advice. I ended up ignoring him. He’s a high jump coach and there are some tests he can’t prepare for. But it does help me and gives me a massage every now and then. I’m the one who chooses to do the heptathlon, and I don’t think I’ll be training with my dad. Yes, as a coach I have a lot of admiration for him, but as a family it can confuse you in some ways. I would have preferred him to advise me, and I have a good coach like David Gomez, who is an Olympian, ideal for a mixed team.

What does it have to do with javelins?

This year I feel like I’ve made some progress and my relationship with her is better. But I played more a few seasons ago. I don’t think it even stung me in the grass when I fired it. Or I could poke her foot. David told me that my skills are much better than some pitchers and that it’s just a matter of time and brands will show up when necessary. In the Spanish Championships, I finished second in the javelin because the third was worse than me.

Which test do you like best?

If you tell me about last year, I’ll tell you about height. But I’ve had a lot of problems this season, and I think length is the go-to. I really like that one, and I also like the 200m. It’s like the first day is over and now it’s time to rest. Almost all of us tend to like the best. Although preferences do vary.

Under the tutelage of his father, he got into track and field at an early age.

I think it was at the age of eight. My father didn’t want me to start so soon, but I took advantage of my friend’s chance to sign up and went in with him. From there I continue. I’ve been through dancing and skating, but this has been my favorite from the start. He doesn’t want me to start too quickly lest I get tired of the exercise quickly. For now, it’s one of the things that keeps me from getting tired.

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