“I had to sing at the audition”

During a recent GQ video interview, the actress Gal Gadot briefly talked about his upcoming Disney project, live action remake snow White outgoing to March 2024.

Gadot will play Evil queenprincess antagonist who will have a face instead Rachel Zegleralready seen in West Side Story Steven Spielberg. And as we know, in this version the Queen I will sing a new songwritten for the occasion by a duet Pasek and Paul (Aladdin Live, La La Land, The Greatest Showman).

“For the first time in a long time, I had to audition for the role— said the actress. “But they had to make sure I could sing, because this movie was going to be a musical. So I worked on the song for a month, then I auditioned, we filmed the song, and finally I was told that they had won the role. It was very emotional!”

About the filming process snow WhiteInstead, he said:It was a tense shoot.also because it was so different from all the other films I’ve done so far. It was so much fun that I was able to present my performance in a majestic and theatrical way. I can’t wait for you to see this!”

live action snow White with Rachel Zegler to direct Mark Webb, with Mark Platt serving as producer. The film will be based on the original Disney classic, Walt Disney’s first ever feature-length film, and will be adapted and enhanced with both story and songs. The soundtrack will keep a part original classical songsto which they will join some unreleased songs for this “modern” version.

As part of snow White Will also Andrew Burnup in the role of the main character, who will apparently not be the prince from the classics, but an unreleased role written for this film. OUR Seven gnomes they will be replaced by “magical creatures,” which Disney has not yet specified.

Costumes will be made big Sandy Powellas confirmed in February 2022.

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