“I have a hearty and healthy breakfast.” Anna Rizatdinova revealed her main morning rituals

Anna Rizatdinova shared the secrets of her morning (Photo: instagram.com/anna_rizatdinova)

The famous athlete also spoke about how she takes care of her face.

Ukrainian gymnast Anna Rizatdinova, who became the new lover of ex-bachelor and football player Sergei Melnik, told on her Instagram page how her morning begins. According to Rizatdinova, after waking up, she always drinks a glass of water with aloe.

The gymnast limits herself to sweets, but sometimes she can feast on chocolate. “Every morning I start with a little exercise with my son. It is short-lived – literally 5-10 minutes, but it helps to wake up the body. Then I drink a glass of water with aloe, wash my face and we sit down to have breakfast. After that, I take my son to kindergarten and go on business. I have a hearty and healthy breakfast – oatmeal with fruit or, for example, an omelet with broccoli. I love coffee with vegetable milk. If I feel that I have not woken up at all, I can eat a small square of chocolate – black or, if I really want to, milk. But very small. I also take vitamins during breakfast, ”said the athlete.

Rizatdinova also shared how she takes care of facial skin. “I have standard beauty rituals. I can stick the patches in the morning. This is what really helps me. There are roller coasters that put the face in order if it is swollen after flights, for example. I love very much all kinds of masks: both fabric and helium-based. I’m a fan of masks – I usually go to the store and get great pleasure buying all the masks. I take care of my skin every day. It is dry for me, so I constantly moisturize it. This is either coconut oil or creams. Sesame oil also moisturizes and nourishes the skin very well. The coolest life hack is to smear the body with sesame oil and get into warm water. Do not rinse, just stand under the shower to absorb the oil. The skin is like a baby’s. I also really like scrubs – I apply them once a week. And for proper facial care, it is better to consult a specialist. For me it is mainly a washbasin, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, and lip cream, “- said the celebrity.

Recall that Anna Rizatdinova congratulated her son on his birthday by publishing an archive photo.


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