I heart attack! Amanda Cerny teaches it, and is peludito and playful


As Christmas arrives. Missing 4 days for all of us to come together as a family and let’s celebrate that, for many, it is the best time of the year. We love these dates because they breathe love and harmony. Peace and tranquility. They are moments where they all want to be present with his followers and where the distances between the loved ones, if they exist, they become more narrow.

It is the time where maybe Amanda Cerny and Lele Pons they could make peace. The two instagramers they were the best friends, but something happened. And we say “something” because it never came to light the real reason. That if one wiped out the other all your photos together, that if one was jealous of the success of the previous. Many rumors and a single certainty: they were left to follow on Instagram. In our days the only valid test of this to demonstrate that a relationship has broken down.

Now that we’re in these days of fraternity could take the step. Millions of fans, many of them in common, this seems to them the best gift they could do. doImagine that you uploaded a video again together? It would be, we have no doubt, one of the most viewed videos of all 2019.

However, the reality is harder than fiction, and it may not be. At least for the moment. There is or there appears to be no rapprochement between them. Each has chosen their path and they are doing very well separately.

In the last photo of Amanda we have seen her with her puppy in her arms. Peludito and playful. Not sonrié for the photo, yet she knows how to keep our attention. Looks divine with a t-shirt open and it seems that she does not spend anything cold. The pet enjoys at the hands of Amanda and poses in elegant to leave us a picture which you will love. Almost as much as Amanda Cerny.