I heart attack! The girl from the weather to kill luce bikinazo


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Up to the time the photograph with more than 660 likes and endless comments. Photo / Ecuavisa

Again, the girl the weather most famous of Mexico, Yanet Garcia made a hot publication that surely did not forget the confinement of more than one person.

And that is true to its style, the exconductora in the programToday” climbed a photography in which enjoy a sunny day with a I micro thong!

Immediately image turned viral in the world of the networks social as the young 29-year-old left little to the imagination of the internet users.

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Up to the time the photography with more than 660 likes and endless comments, which alagan the sensuality of the also girl fitness.

“Siren”, “Body” and “Unbelievable” were some of the comments that generated the sexy photography of Yanet Garcia.

The born in Monterrey performs the quarantine in his apartment in Los Angeles, where he has lived for a time with her boyfriend Lewis Howes.

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Yanet Garcia 29-year-old rose to fame thanks to the section of the climate of famous morning show “Today”; dubbed as the “Girl of the Weather”a spectacular body and attitude, authentic, it did win a lot of popularity among the viewers, so that little by little she was becoming one of the conductive consenting of the project of Televisa.

However, at the end of 2019, the Girl from the Weather he decided to announce his retirement from the morning because relocating to States United states with her boyfriend Lewis Howes and get a new job opportunity there.