I heart attack! Yanet García became to transpire to Sebastian Yatra-The colombian was exalted!


It is known as a hobby Yanet Garciathe presenter of the program “Today”, by performing workout routines for toning your physique. But what surprised all is the one who accompanied her. ¡OMG!

Well, yes, his teammates called from the studio to deliver an online class to the viewers. And appeared the diva adorned with a mesh leopard, and a top game, in the living room of his house.

Using the video call, the artist he began to train the lower part of your body, and even did a few warm-ups. In three minutes the animators on the set were sweating!

The surprise was not finished, because when Yanet finished making his speech, another call is made to this in the morning. It Was Sebastian Yatra! No one could believe it.

Apparently the colombian wanted to share how to pass the quarantine in his mansion, and taught all of their “squares”, so that the completion of the exercise next to it. doGarcia have contacted?

The appearance of the two artists was not a mere chance, and immediately began the rumors about a possible encounter between the conductive and the boyfriend of Tini.

It had already been rumored in 2018 that they were together, but both had claimed that it was a simple friendship. By the looks of it the blonde still communicate with the composer. Will there be heart?