“I hope I have given them a nice gift”: Omar Sy makes rare confidences about his 5 children


This week in the columns of Paris Match, Omar Sy confides as rarely on the reports he has with his 5 children.

Married since 2007 to Helene, Omar Sy is now the father of five children: Alhaji, Sabah, Selly, Tidiane, and Amani-Nour. In the columns of Paris Match, this week, the actor of “Intouchables” exceptionally accepts to speak about their family life. Coming from a family of 8 children, the actor has long cultivated “attachment” and “distance” with his own dad. That’s why he decided to do things his own way with his own offspring.

“I hope I gave them a nice gift”

To our colleagues, he tells: “I try not to debate with them but to listen to them. The opposite of what I experienced when I was young. We were spoken to a lot but very little listened to”. About their move together to Los Angeles in 2012, Omar Sy confides: “I hope I have given them a nice gift by giving them access to an additional culture, in addition to that of France and Senegal. have integrated and I am delighted. It had been saving for me “.

And if today he manages to land real (supporting) roles in Hollywood – he is on the bill in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Jurassic World” or even “Transformers: The Last Knight” – Omar Sy maintains an undeniable link with France. He who continues to tour with us admits: “Guilt haunts me sometimes when I look at the road traveled. The social conditions of my childhood, I am always confronted with them because they remain those of certain friends and members of my family. asks: ‘Why me?’ “

“I have the right to give my opinion”

And yet, he wants to participate in the public debate, to make society evolve on certain subjects. This year, we have heard a lot about subjects such as police violence. To those who believe that it would be better not to talk about it from so far away, Omar Sy retorts: “I am French. I have the right to vote, therefore I have the right to give my opinion. End”. He also congratulates himself on his action and observes: “People have not woken up in the way I hoped. But there is something that is in place in the country. Something is revealing itself. No awakening, but an awakening “.