“I hope you’re still wearing heels.” Victoria Beckham starred for British Vogue and wrote a letter to her future self

Victoria Beckham wrote a letter to her future self (Photo: Vogue)

British fashion designer and ex-singer Victoria Beckham starred in a new photo shoot for British Vogue.

The 46-year-old star posed for Swedish fashion photographer Mikael Jansson in a laconic black sweater with buttons, black lingerie, and white sneakers.

A snapshot from the new photoset appeared in the February issue of the British Fashion Bible, which featured the cover of Dua Lipa. It published a letter to Victoria, which she wrote to her future self.

“Dear future Victoria. Several years ago, I wrote a letter to myself at the age of 18. Since this is a new year, I wanted to take a moment to think and write a letter to myself in the future and ( fingers crossed) a wiser future self. 2020 and 2021 are in the distant past, but you took the lessons of that time with you. I hope you are reading this letter on the beach surrounded by all the people you love! Hold them tight for me. You have experienced incredible unity with your family than you could ever have imagined ( all 293 days), and this is what you undoubtedly appreciate, ”Beckham began her address to herself.

Beckham also revealed the secret of her success, recalling the values ​​that helped her build her business empire:

“Starting a fashion and beauty business takes passion, tenacity and fearlessness. This is not for the faint of heart. It was almost impossible to create such a business during the pandemic … but I know you, and you will use this experience to grow in the future. The reality of being a mom, wife, friend, and businesswoman creates ever-changing factors in life. But you think big, love the hustle and bustle, and never accept a negative answer. Always remember your mantra: “Work hard and be kind.” Have you already embroidered it on your pillow? ”- continued the celebrity?

The star also reminded her future self of how she self-isolated:

“Talking about beauty, do you remember the tips that you practiced during your isolation? You said to hell with him and put on a pretty dress and put on a smoky eye. You’ve always enjoyed surprising people, especially David. This is the secret that is useful to use after almost 22 years of marriage. ( What anniversary are you celebrating now?) ”Beckham writes in a letter.

At the end of her address to her future self, Beckham noted that she hopes that she still wears high heels: ” PS: Please tell me that you still wear heels,” concluded the star.