“I inform you that I have given positive review of the COVID-19,” said Fayad.


“I inform you that I have given positive review COVID-19″, reported today on Twitter the Governor Omar Fayad.

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Mexico city, march 28 (However).– Omar Fayad, Governor of Hidalgo, reported that it gave positive in COVID-19, only 10 days went to the National Palace to the conference the morning of the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The leader said in his Twitter account that is already in caurentena in your house like the people with whom he has had contact. However, while he made the announcement, President López Obrador headed a public event in Mexicali, Baja California, and hours before he led a rally in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.

Omar Fayad said he is still working from home to control the epidemic in the entity. “Nothing will stop us to overcome together in this crisis,” he said.

The representative pri attended the last march 18 at the conference each morning, provides the Head of the federal Executive to give more details on the project for construction of International Airport “General Felipe Angeles”.

In addition to Fayyad, this conference was attended by the Secretary of Defense, Luis Crescencio Sandoval; the Admiral Rafael Ojeda Duran, Secretary of the Navy; Javier Jiménez Espriú, Secretary of Communications and Transportation; the General Ricardo Vallejo Suárez, in charge of the work, as well as Roman Meyer, Secretary of Urban Development.

During the press conference Omar Fayad and these officers remained behind the President, seated in chairs separated by only a few centimeters.

Photographs taken by the Presidency on 18 march in the National Palace.

At the conference, Lopez Obrador referred to the Governor Fayyad as a “special guest”.


The last report of the ministry of Health, issued yesterday, 19:00 hours, he explained that Mexico surpassed already 700 cases of COVID-19. In the country there are already 717 positive cases confirmed, 2 thousand 475 suspects, 3 thousand 542 negative. So far, we have registered 12 deaths from the virus that originated in China.

The 32 entities of the country have reported cases. In 27 states there are from one to 50 cases; in four, from 51 to 100 cases. Only the City of Mexico to more than 100 cases.

In accordance with the dependence, Mexico City concentrates five deaths, Durango, Jalisco three, Michoacán, and San Luis Potosí other two. However, that afternoon, the Governor of Hidalgo confirmed that the entity recorded the first death from the virus.

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