“I just can’t take it anymore”

Jennifer Aniston, while supporting #MeToo and denouncing Harvey Weinstein and all forms of intolerance, admits she can no longer tolerate a cancellation culture that judges the past in light of today’s principles of political correctness.

We’ve said it over and over: political correctness has become one of the obsessions of our time, especially in the United States, where the so-called cancellation culture is becoming more popular, causing books, films, people, and even historical episodes to be considered expressions of racism and various discrimination or harassment, they have become a taboo subject and it is pretended that they never existed. It happened to the statue John Wayne or with prizes returned to those who gave them. Fortunately, the culture of cancellation has its opponents, and among them are Jennifer Anistonwho admitted he couldn’t take it anymore.

Jennifer Aniston vs Cancellation Culture

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Jennifer Aniston expressed disapproval of the abolition of culture, saying “I can’t take it anymore”, he explained:

I probably automatically refused to say these things. I just don’t understand the meaning of this. Is there no place for redemption? I don’t know, I wouldn’t throw everyone in a Harvey Weinstein cauldron.

Then jennifer spoke in more detail about Harvey Weinsteinsaying that she never tolerated harassment from him, but did not particularly love him:

He’s not the kind of person you’re talking about, “God, I can’t wait to spend time with Harvey.” Absolutely not. Instead, you think, “Oh my God, okay, it suits you!” I remember he came to me on the set to offer the film. And I remember that I arranged for a third person to be in my trailer.

Curious about Jennifer Aniston, Weinstein he said he never made her feel uncomfortable. Obviously, he could not know that the presence of the third wheel during their meeting was not accidental.

Manhood Plan B

Also in an interview with the Wall Street Journal Jennifer Aniston spoke about when, in 2011, he founded with Brad Pitt (her husband at the time) ea Christine Khanproduction house Plan B Entertainment. The actress said that this environment is characterized by a strong masculine style and that everyone told her and Khan: “But look how cute you two are!” When jennifer AND Brad they divorced in 2005, aniston said goodbye to Plan B, later founding Echo Films, with which he produced and continues to produce a successful series. morning showin which she is one of the main characters. Recall that the first two seasons had several nominations for the Emmy and Golden Globe awards. They received an early victory in the category “Best Supporting Actor” thanks to Billy Crudup.

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