I know everything about you, a review of the rematch “Bunch”


I know everything about you is the directorial debut of the Sicilian cabaret artist and comedian. Robert Lipari. Released on the platform Prime video July 25 last year, currently in Top ten of the most viewed. Let’s find out together the reasons for the revival of this sentimental comedy. It with Pupa and nerd common to him are only the contradictions of human relations in the era of the Internet.

I know_everything_about_you

A childhood passion for the Sicilian “puppets”, a grandfather who doesn’t want to give up on the fact that this ancient tradition is no longer sold out. These are just some of the elements that characterize the present life. Robert. The rest is the real estate agent’s job, which often includes making copies and delivering coffee. And an almost absolute inability to understand others and empathize with them. A suitable identikit for a real botanist.

I know everything about you, stainless duo…

He specifies the subject, script, and even his full name. Robert Lipari in his character. A 30-year-old Sicilian working in a real estate agency, where he can’t land the role he seemed destined for at university. For a comedian, this role suits him perfectly. Melancholic glances and little daily turmoil, spiced up with jokes that are never vulgar or predictable. Except for the “fuck” layer, which is the hallmark of all his characters. The perfect combination that allows the viewer to identify with his story, smile with him and think.


omniscient about you

A companion in this new adventure is his natural shoulder. Sergio Frisha. Cast John Mandala, a very relevant character: a separated father who still lives like Peter Pan and knows little or nothing about his daughter. Her story in the novel will revolve around the discovery that the “little girl’s” passion for Japan actually hinges on a love meeting with an almond-eyed boy.

…vintage Leo…

A small gem set in a well-oiled movement is an interpretation Leo Gullotta. IN I know everything about you this is grandpa Aldo Liparia puppeteer and owner of an old dilapidated theater that is in the middle of a neighborhood where a current real estate group wants to build a mall.

omniscient about you

The Catania-based actor, who has over 57 years of career behind him, has taken part in theatrical, film and series productions in recent seasons, set in his native Sicily. Recall dramatic roles Liborius V Baariawhich earned him a nomination for the David di Donatello Award and Rose garden no one Mattarella crime. It’s from Don Raffaele no one Summer time with Ficarra and Picone.


…and a well-chosen cast

Cameos and character actors complete the cast he has animated. I know everything about you. Let’s start with Andrea Pisani comedian from PanPerscomic duo to whom we owe the most irreverent television parody of paper house. Actress Barbara Tabithaalso seen in The hottest summer in which she is Lucia’s mother, plays the role of “boss” Roberto, depicted as a woman with little remorse and a great desire for company. Matthew Contino AND Louis former classmate of the sales manager of the agency, e Massimo Canina AND Massimo Faracibest client with a passion for social style video messaging.

Roberta Rigano_Roberto Lipari

Role Will of which Robert fall in love, trust Robert Riganoknown to the audience of the platform by participating in the role Biaggia to the international Netflix series From Satch-The Power of Love, along with actors such as Zoe Saldana, Eugenio Mastrandrea and Giacomo Gianniotti. Actor David Tucci, Lazar Hosh V Napoleon Ridley Scott, English hacker George Allen who, with his computer crammed with personal news and tastes stolen here and there on the net with the help of his very personal algorithm, will give Lipari the ability to know everything about his fellow citizens.

I know everything about you, fake news conspiracy

Roberto, despite a limitless library of essays and dating guides and the actions of a perfect and unmistakable salesperson, manages to commit a series of missteps with potential clients that get him relegated to the level of a “salesperson” in an agency where a colleague doesn’t even remember his name. And even on a sentimental level, things are no better.


Everything changes when he is sent for an appointment at the house George, in Sicily, because he is wanted, and before being arrested, he decides to give him his laptop. Which stores and catalogs information recorded and cataloged by sites. social media. Knowing the tastes, passions and desires of homeowners, Roberto turns into a caterpillar of 34 contracts concluded in a month. Until he discovers that he will have to sacrifice his childhood puppet theater, which his grandfather does not want to sell.

Modern and very relevant morality

If Roberto Lipari follows the path typical of the careers of other stand-up comedians, making his debut, hosting live performances, appearing on television, and then getting into feature films and films, then it must be said that he has already managed to distinguish himself for the elite. style and topics covered. Just mention the names of the two most successful shows of the moment.

There is nothing comic here!2020-2021, which, paraphrasing the catchphrase of the summer of 2020, brought to the scene: between his characteristic calm irony and public denunciation moving along the track, characters and environment to talk about work, politics, family, youth and their future. Also with …And I said it all the actor continued his comedy in the service of reflection.

IN Fine! 2019, his first feature film as a main character, with Luca Zingaretti AND Silvana Fallisi, the central theme is the university of barons and cousins ​​and, more generally, labels, recommendations, and many small and large daily adjustments that greedily absorb the hopes and enthusiasm of new generations. WITH I know everything about you the main argument, not too hidden, is that algorithm AndTO. Able to occupy the space of genuine creativity and make even an idiot a winner, able to pass for the genius of the moment.

I know everything about you, but about me?

In the events he is involved in, the protagonist explores what he is finally able to understand about others, or at least what he can know, including what he thinks are people’s tastes. Will-Robert Rigano will reflect on a life in which we risk becoming puppets, driven by the threads of an algorithm that runs faster and faster and feeds on dope and fake tastes and unverified news..

When he reaches the end of history, he learns and rediscovers much about himself. To find love. And save the puppet theater. Inserted as a landmark in a very modern new shopping center, it will return to the successes of the past, to such expensive sold-out places. The opportunity to continue to give the magic and emotions that we cannot do without in our time.


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