“I like it”: She arrives on the 35.000.000 made His Feat with the Anuel AA-it’s the rage!


The columbian it continues to innovate in the field of music, it is one of two that generate a lot of repercusin and the sum of the different gneros music. At this time, the use of the Instagram it shows a good repercusin of cancin what the na does not have the video and it is a feat in fury on the social networks.

The theme is that it sounds on the youtube platform, in a month, it was almost 35.000.000 plays, and the fans are calling for the filmacin.

After the great success of the presentacin the Super Bowl, Jennifer Lpez, and Shakira, both of the stars have left everyone amazed. The talent, energy, and sexiness give you v-written at all, and because of this, the american toy company Mattel has decided to homenajearlas great.

The singers are a couple of celebrities), ms, great music, and Latin, and showed in the Super Bowl. For this reason, a well-known company for fun I decided to recrearlas version of Barbie. After introducing them in your account of Instagram, all fanticos broke out in emocin.

The official twitter account of the company is present on the faces of the singers, and the similarities are striking. In fact, both are very spacious, the changing room, ms icnicos that they had when they were on the night of the Super Bowl.

Along with the photograph, to the company’s resalt: you Already know who houston this evening, referring to Jennifer Lpez, and Shakira, who managed to impose themselves with their performances.

In the post-logr-thousands-of-me-gustas-counted in minutes, and the fanticos have come to expect that all the faces are on sale for buy one, because they are part of an exclusive release, and to mark the history of the spot.