“I like myself the way I am. I have the right not to be beautiful”

Stephanie Pezzopane

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EAGLE – Stephanie Pezzopane she blurts out on Facebook against the haters (online hate speech, or rather keyboard lions) who apparently continue to harass her on social media. In his profile, he publishes a sincere post.

I LIKE THE WAY I AM. I HAVE THE RIGHT NOT TO BE BEAUTIFUL. But aren’t you tired? Are you not ashamed of yourself? Don’t you see that your pettiness and your ugliness of soul make you disgusting creatures? You hide behind a cell phone screen to text me that I’m ugly, dwarf, old, harsh, stop, I suck. And an innocent post from Simon with a photo of our moment of serenity to release your tasteless vulgarity, your deep rooted frustrations, the evil that you have inside and consumes you. Instead of trying to force your way into my life (the doors are locked, I assure you), seek help from someone good. But very good, because you’re in terrible shape. You can waste your life worrying about other people’s lives, but you will never make a decision about my life and my beauty. My mental abilities and my success do not depend on how much I like the cosmetologists of the network, all Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, apparently.

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