“I live day to day”

At 34, Lionel Messi said in an interview published this Monday by the Barcelona sports newspaper Sport that he does not think about retiring after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: “I live day by day.”

When asked about his future after that tournament and if his retirement can come, the now Paris Saint-Germain striker pointed out that he does not think about it: “The truth is that I (I think). After what happened to me, I live the day by day, year by year. I don’t know what will happen at the World Cup or after the World Cup. I don’t think about it. Whatever has to happen at that time will happen. “

“I am very excited to do great things (in the World Cup). We have come from winning the Copa América after having sought it for so long, from being so close for so long without being able to consecrate with the national team. After this, the illusion is great for what that is coming, “he added.

“We are good today. We still need to be one of the great candidates. We are not because there are better teams. We are on the right track, the dynamics are good and the atmosphere is good. Winning helps a lot and this will help us make it grow even more “, he spread over the Argentine team.

After moving from FC Barcelona to PSG this year, Messi points out that his wish is to live in Barcelona and one day return to the Barça club.

“I don’t know if when my contract with PSG ends (he will return). What is almost confirmed, and for sure, is that we are going to live in Barcelona again and that our life will be there. It is what my wife wants and what I want. I do not know if when my contract with Paris ends, but we will return to Barcelona to live, “he explained.

“I always said that I would love to be able to help the club (Barcelona) in what could be useful and can add and help the club to be well. I would love to be technical secretary at some point. I don’t know if it will be at Barcelona, Or not. Or if it will be otherwise. If there is a possibility, I would like to contribute again in what I can because it is the club that I love and I would love for it to continue to be good, to continue growing and to continue being one of the best in the world, “he said.

When asked by the journalist: ‘Laporta commented that he thought he would say about playing for free, would he have done it if they had asked him?’, Messi denied that he was being asked to play for free.

“The truth is that, as I explained on my way out, I did everything possible to stay. Never at any time was I asked to play for free. I was asked to cut my salary by fifty percent and I did it without any problem. willing to help the club more. The desire and desire of me and my family was to stay in Barcelona, ​​”said Messi.

“Nobody asked me to play for free but at the same time it seems to me that the words that the president said are out of place. They hurt me because I think he doesn’t need to say that, it’s like getting the ball off of you and not assuming its consequences, or take charge of things. This makes people think or generates a type of doubt that I think I do not deserve, “he added.

In the running for the Ballon d’Or, which will be awarded on November 30 at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, the six-time winner of the trophy explained that he does not think about it: “If the Ballon d’Or arrives it would be extraordinary because of what it would mean to win one. more. The seventh would be crazy. If not, nothing happens, “concluded the Argentine.

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