“I look older.” Sofia Stuzhuk admitted how many kilograms she gained in a year

Sofia Stuzhuk (Photo: instagram.com/sofia_stuzhuk)

Ukrainian blogger Sofia Stuzhuk on Instagram Stories complained about the extra pounds.

Stuzhuk’s subscribers noticed that the girl has changed a lot over the year. Sofia confirmed her guesses and noted that due to stress, she gained weight. The 25-year-old fitness blogger and mom of three gained 10 kg.

Photo: instagram.com/sofia_stuzhuk

The girl also named the reasons for the swelling. “I basically have a puffy face. Hormonal disruption, stress, cortisol, extra pounds. I don’t need fillers. You just need to lose weight. I have grown by 10 kg. Of course, I look more mature, and my face is swollen and puffy, ”said Sofia.

Photo: instagram.com/sofia_stuzhuk
Photo: instagram.com/sofia_stuzhuk

Recall that in October 2020, due to a severe form of coronavirus, Sofia Stuzhuk’s husband died.