“I love this kind of stories”: Natalie Dormer


In the wake of the previous years, the Penny Dreadful leaves the Victorian era of London to move to the city of Los Angeles in 1938, as we said its creator John Logan during the presentation of the series Penny Dreadful: City of Angels in TCA. “We are creating a parallel between the NINETEENTH century and the 30s of the last century, especially before the growth of political extremism that would lead us to the Second World War”.

Natalie Dormer, 38 years, is the star of the series where he plays a demon named Magda who is transformed into 3 other characters that don’t know too much yet. The brash Margaery Tyrell of Game of Thrones and the evil Anna Boleyn Tudor, dares with 4 characters in this series of 10 episodes.

In particular, the whole narrative is developed from real events that occurred in Los Angeles in 1938, which has striking parallels with the current problems facing the united States. Framed around a murder investigated by the new detective Tiago Vega (Zovatto) and his partner veteran Lewis Michener (Lane), Natalie Dormer comes into the story playing Magda, a supernatural entity that wreaks havoc in the life of the ensemble of characters. In Los Angeles, at the hotel Ritz, we had a chance to chat with one of the actresses england’s most fashionable in Hollywood.

Q: Is it true that he plays several roles in the series?
A: it Is a dream come true to be able to get involved in a character’s changing image, that unfolds in several people. I have had to wear many wigs-and-drop freely to the actor that dwells in my.

Q: Back to a character within a narrative of time
R: Yes. It is fair to say that I love this type of stories. I think that they have a positive effect on the audience because they portray moments of the past that are a mirror of what we are experiencing in these moments. Yes, I am honest, I have not made many pieces of time in my career but the ones that I’ve played have been so successful that the public and journalists just remind me of them.

Q: is There space for improvisation within the genre of horror?
R: Yes, definitely. Logan is a creator that allows you to open your heart to the character. I felt very comfortable playing Magda. I think the paper works very well within the series, I want to say that any character written with quality allows you to improvise regardless of the gender. I consider myself a snob of horror movies and I like titles like The Eyes of Julia, The Others or The Orphanage. I’m attracted by the films and the series of psychological thriller, horror smart.

Q: why do you like the psychological thriller?
A: one of the reasons why I became an actress was my obsession for the human condition, by mortality, by exploring how cathartic the existence. I guess that could explain in depth in this response, any actor tempted to investigate the various emotions of the human being, and I do not think a woman indulgent or unstable, my curiosity is part of the life process. The world in which we live is enormous, terrifying and unfair, just look around you. Human beings tell stories to make us feel better. The social role of interpreters emerges from the discussion of our problems, it’s about questioning our problems, and it doesn’t matter if you step back 500 years in time, or you are talking of vampires in Romania, or zombies in Colombia. … each age and each culture has its demons that serve to relieve our distress. As old as time. So when a series of terror is smart and you dive in that inheritance causes my interest. In reality, what we are doing is as simple as exploring the human condition.

Q: do you Have a peculiar choice of words. It has been discovered as a woman very eloquent
R: I’m an actress. The language is my currency and I have the ability to think though, for work, I dedicated myself to repeat what is written by the screenwriters. I’m an actress with classical training and is a simple twist of fate that my career look now to Hollywood. In my heart is still very much present in the theatre, because it was my first love. I have undergone a steep learning path and now, finally, after a decade, I feel that I have a little more control over my career.

Natalie Dormer

Q: When does that the release of adrenaline from the accumulated tension. What does it do?
R: Sleep. I love to sleep, read, write, exercise. I like to write with my partner, but we don’t write in the same room; he is going to be a fourth, I to the other and then we exchanged lines. It’s a personal process brutal when you do it with your partner. Notes, notes, notes, notes, and draft after draft, until the end of a script. The worst thing is not to take the criticism personally. Writing is like re-learning again, as I did when I started as an actress. Without taking personally the constructive criticism, although I admit that is hard.

Q: you Mentioned before the monsters legacy. Do you think that it is important to confront the monsters personal?
R: By your post. Facing criticism is a way of facing the monsters personal. I’m a big fan of honesty. I consider openness as the lesser of the evils. Communication is very important and you will not deny that I sin of being too honest. Sincerity keeps you healthy the mind of the people and what we see when we read of the hoaxes are the problem of our technological times. People need to raise their voice against that which they fear

Q: why did you decided to escape from the social networks, if considered to be so important to communicate in order not to miss the truth?
N: Because I communicate through my work, through the avatar of my characters and through writing. I want this work to be hold by itself without the need of social networks.

Q: do you Have a fear of social networks
A: No. When I have something to say I can always do it without fear. My personal communication is done face-to-face because I prefer the human contact.

Q: What is the highlight of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels?
R: John Logan has made me a wonderful gift with this series. It is a dream for any actor to be able to represent several roles. In each episode, Magda is unfolded in two people or even three. But I’m not going to do spoilers. As soon as I knew that Logan was writing this series, I called him and I offered to work on it. Two weeks later I was thrilled with the offer to lead this season of the series.

Q: The actresses of Game of Thrones are fashionable in Hollywood, don’t stop working
A: Yes, the series has become a great platform for all the actors of Game of Thrones.

Q: what Changed the series Game of Thrones approach to the interpretation?
A: No. I am an actress who has studied drama, which was prepared in the classic theatre. By a twist of fate, my career has taken a different turn. Now I want to get into the address and educate me in that other aspect.

Q: It seems in some way to their characters?
R: Little. I am a huge fan of honest relationships and the openness is bad for the demons. Contrary to Magda, I sin in sincere, I know, but it is important for my mental health always acknowledge what I feel. I think that the lies and half-truths are a terrible social problem.

April 26,

is the premiere of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels on Showtime, with Natalie Dormer, Nathan Lane and Adrianna Barraza at the front of the cast.