“I love you unconditionally”: Emilio Estefan opens his heart and dedicates a moving message to his daughter Emily

Gloria Estefan’s also daughter revealed in the last ‘Red Table Talk’ the difficult moment she lived when she confessed her homosexuality

One piece of news that shook the Estefan family was when EmilyEmilio, and Gloria’s daughter, announced that she was homosexual. As in any family bosom, this situation took a 180-degree turn for the young woman’s relatives.

It was a few days ago, in the last episode of the show “Red Table Talk”, where Emily came to tears after confessing how the situation was at home when she revealed that she was gay and the consequences of making this decision.

However, her father Emilio has made public that the support for his daughter will always be there. So much so, that the music producer dedicated a few beautiful words to his son on his Instagram account, expressing the love she feels for her.

The genius of the industry took advantage of what happened in that show to express the love she feels for who is the product of his marriage to Gloria.

“Happy to be able to accompany you in every step you take in your life. Emily, the greatest satisfaction of every parent is seeing their children happy and fulfilled. It is not about acceptance but about loving unconditionally. And that’s what I have for you, unconditional love. I am infinitely proud of you. I love you, “he wrote on his social networks.

Immediately his daughter did not notice when accepting the words of her father and with emotion answering him a tender “I love you so much dad”, along with some crying emojis because, in addition to her father, fans, and users of the social network also expressed I support Emily.

Openly and with their hearts in their hands, both Gloria and her daughter remembered that difficult stage when the latter decided to come out of the closet and faced each other to get the mixed feelings of that stage, a moment that was recorded in the Facebook Watch transmission.

Fortunately, this issue has already been far exceeded by the members of the famous family, and both Gloria, Emilio, and Emily have strengthened their ties reflected in the love they have between them.


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