‘I no longer had the desire to act’: Sandra Bullock lost her dream role to karate star after being carried away by Brendan Fraser’s controversial $98 million film

Sandra Bullock has been working in the Hollywood industry for decades. Her contribution has been highly appreciated and her fans understand it. With a huge talent like hers, it’s no wonder why she hasn’t risen to the top as one of the most successful actresses. From good films to not so profitable films, she has done it all.

Sandra Bullock
Hollywood star Sandra Bullock

Throughout her career, she has revealed her talent in bits and pieces, allowing her fans to feel just how accomplished a woman she is. Bullock has always played interesting roles. Whether she’s an undercover federal agent or a writer on assignment, her range is unlimited. However, she was almost ready to quit acting.

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Sandra Bullock found herself in a dark place

Sandra Bullock’s life hasn’t always been happy. Back when Two weeks notice first came out, the actress took a break without even realizing it. After her mother died, she found herself in a dark place, and she wasn’t proud of it. According to The Mercury, Bullock wanted to keep a low profile so she could work on herself.

Sandra Bullock

“But the year off turned into a year and two months, then a year and three months, then a year and six months. I no longer had the desire to act.”

Bullock explained that this break lasted longer than she expected. It took anywhere from a year to much longer. This also became a problem as she found that she had no desire to take action. Her focus on family and life pushed her away from acting without her even being able to notice it. That was until another movie caught her attention. Paul Haggis Crashes.

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Sandra Bullock lost her dream role

Unable to find motivation, her attention turned to Million dollar baby. Hilary Swank, who also starred in The next karate kid got the role of Maggie Fitzgerald, the same one that Sandra Bullock had her eye on. However, her affairs did not end there. Despite this, the actress collaborated with Paul Haggis, including in the film directed by Brendan Fraser. As for Mercury, she was ready to do anything to get into the film.

Sandra Bullock at The Heat promotion
Sandra Bullock

“I read Crash and told Paul, ‘I’ll play any of the women just to be in the movie.’ It was only four days of work and it was completely new.”

It was Crashes this caught her attention. She became quite obsessed with the film and was willing to take any part in the film as long as she was allowed to be a part of it. Although the film was not as successful as Million Dollar Baby, it helped Bullock return to Hollywood.

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