“I receive financial aid from my former teammates from River”

Oscar López Turitich, champion of America in 1986, suffered the amputation of a leg a few years ago and thanks to his family and several of the members of that River team he can get ahead until his pension leaves.

The recognition of the champions of America by the club, where López Turitich attended
© @RiverPlateThe recognition of the champions of America by the club, where López Turitich attended

Hacel a few days in the framework of the match between River and Patronato for the Professional League, the club recognized the champions of the 1986 Copa Libertadores, which was the first consecration of America in the history of the Greatest. And among the ex-footballers who attended the Monumental Stadium for the heartfelt tribute was Oscar López Turitich, who has a hard life history for six years, when one of his legs had to be amputated due to a complication caused by diabetes.

This complicated health episode led to her beginning to process a disability pension a while ago, but the procedures are somewhat delayed and her way of subsisting from month to month is thanks not only to her family members, but also with the collaboration of several of his former teammates from River. “Beto Alonso, Ruggeri, Enrique, Cacho Borelli, Claudio Morresi and Perrone collect some money and help me to survive until my pension is paid, which is what I love the most. It is a desperate situation“said López Turitich in dialogue with TN Deportivo.

“My dream was to be a coach and be world champion, but I had to lose a leg and the reality is that I cannot be a DT. Disability limits me a lot, I cannot walk long distances and that is a disadvantage. If the opportunity arises I would like to help as a talent scout, advisor or be linked in some way“, explained the ex-footballer of River about his aspirations for the future despite the adversities.

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