“I seemed obnoxious, I was just a dancer. Biggest mistake? Reject “Malena” Tornatore”

7 am to 10 am Rossella Brescia – Monday to Friday on Radio Dimensione Suono – she often transforms into sister Iguana from Consolers Cuba and pulls off exciting phone pranks – Rds Crazy All Program – sometimes she becomes a hilarious Sophia Loren who doesn’t look at anyone, but still others in clumsy Chinese masseuse Qiu-Ling. At almost 52 years old – he performs them on August 20 – he is having a great time. Also because in January he will be on tour with Billy Elliot’s Sistine musical, which was already staged in Rome in April. And in his native Martina Franca (Taranto), the activity of the dance school, which opened more than ten years ago, continues.

“Very much. I also remove the whim.”

“I am taking singing lessons. I don’t want to make records please, but improve through musicals. In September, we will start again with tests.”

Singing in San Remo, perhaps as a co-host, have you ever thought about it?
“I did it in the past, today I put a stone on it. I leave you at a disadvantage on certain dates.”

What do you mean?
“My personal life is not interesting from the media, I am not like Chiara Ferragni, who lives in public and attracts a lot of attention. I’m normal and calm.”

Reincarnations, characters, jokes: on the radio, he does everything and is very impressive and fun. Was she always like this, but didn’t she show it or did she find out on the run?
“In the past, I often presented myself as tough and no good because of the clichés about cold and highly disciplined ballet dancers, but in fact this is my nature. I look at life with a smile.”

Aside from the nature of Iguana’s sister, is it true that she really wanted to make her vows?
“Yes, like a little girl. Everyone worked at my house, so my parents also left me for a few days with a very religious great-aunt who went to mass every day. And I’m with her. Even today I know by heart the sacred readings, praises, songs. So for a while I really thought about becoming a nun. Then, as I got older, I obviously changed my mind. However, I have a cousin priest: Don Martino. Great. The strange thing is that Luciano, my companion, is a Protestant: who knows what a great-aunt would have said…”.

Do you always believe?
“Yes, of course. Even if now, being divorced, I haven’t confessed for years.”

How much could be said?
“Eeeeeeeee… (laughs). Right. Nothing special”.

Is it true that at the age of 19, after winning the local selection, she competed in Miss Italy in Salsomaggiore and was treated so badly that she starred?
“Yes. I introduced myself because I was fascinated by the world of entertainment. But when I got there with my beautiful sash, one of the jury members told me more than once: “But how did you manage to win? You are terrible. Where do you want to go?” . He mocked me. I was so upset that I left.”

What do you think of the new rules for the Miss Italy pageant? Patricia Mirigliani said she didn’t want women to compete who weren’t born that way.
“Me! I don’t know… These are sensitive topics. Society is changing. I don’t know what to say, honestly.”

By the way, if a man wakes up tomorrow morning, what will he do first?
“Oh God… I’m already a bit of a tomboy. Just consider that I almost always instinctively ask for the bill in a restaurant.”

So what does he do?
“I immediately throw away my heels. What a pain in the legs … “.

Is it true that yours drive fetishists crazy online?
“Yes. He has no idea how many there are. To be honest, I don’t understand these things. They leave me wondering. People are too weird…”

Why, after she posed nude for Max’s 2004 calendar, did she say the shoot was “a real tragedy”?
“You will exaggerate. In fact, I agreed, because as a dancer I wanted to meet Alessandra Ferri, my myth, the one who, when I saw her dancing on TV with Baryshnikov, immediately made me understand that I want to do this in life. She was the wife of Fabrizio Ferri, a photographer, and therefore … “.

How was it?
“We shot in Pantelleria and he, very well, rightly always tried to push me a little further, more and more naked. I struggled, maybe because I had in mind the calendars of workshops or truck drivers.

There are those who, after compiling the calendar, bought a house: you?
“I’m not at home, but I definitely made a lot of money. At that time, the market for these products was rich. However, I still have fond memories of those days: beautiful photos, a magical atmosphere on the set, and also the sun and the sea.”

She dances, plays, leads, imitates and much more: could it be better?
“But nooo… everything went as it should. I’m not complaining. I did a lot of things, even very different ones, maybe too much, because of course I confused someone, but that’s okay.

The mistake that burns you the most?
“It’s a super mistake, almost insane, to turn down the role of Malena in 1999 (later released in 2000, ed.) in a film by Giuseppe Tornatore, who then played Monica Bellucci.”

Why didn’t you accept it?
“For love. I was 27 years old and I had a very jealous boyfriend who didn’t want to see me in a movie like this. He didn’t want me to do certain scenes. And I agreed with him.”

And how did you tell Tornatore?
“I didn’t do it directly, but my agent. For many years I was ashamed, and only a few months ago I mustered up the courage to call him to apologize. He was very kind and finally laughed. However, sometimes I think about it: I said “no” to an Oscar-winning director for a film that was a worldwide success…”.

Did you ever talk about it with your replacement Monica Bellucci?
“Yes. She ended up laughing.”

Has this happened to you on another occasion?
“Another one, in 2000. Because I love Francesco Nuti’s Andrea, always for the same reason .

Curiosity: in 2008 on Canale 5 with Nina Morić and Aida Jespica, he formed the leading female trio Cage of Madmen Bagalino: what do you have in common?
“Nothing. Zero.”

What did you do best?
“I absolutely believe Carmen di Luciano (Cannito, his partner, ed.).”

His partner, choreographer and director Luciano Cannito, was appointed in May by Minister of Culture Sangiuliano as President of the Teatro Mercadante in Naples: will you do something together?
“Not yet, but we met while working at Massimo in Palermo for Carmen, we did a lot of things together and if there is a good project to continue, we will definitely do it. We are both professionals.”

To whom are you most grateful?
“Except for mine, perhaps Maria De Filippi. Being in Amici was a real turning point for me. I learned more about television.”

Do you feel politically represented?
“Let’s just say that I am very pleased that a woman like Georgia Meloni has become prime minister. I know her well, she has been my friend for many years.

Did you vote for him?
“Secret ballot”.

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