“I slept outside”, Amel Bent faced with big financial difficulties … the truth about her life!


Now a singer and actress known to everyone, Amel Bent had a very difficult start before reaching fame.

On January 25, she will star in the new film Les sandales blancs, broadcast on France 2, in which she will be an actress and singer at the same time. A real new challenge for the young mother who will have to play Malika Bellaribi, a young woman from the Algerian slums of Nanterre. Condemned never to walk, she finally becomes a singer and goes on stage to sing Carmen. A role that was close to the heart of Amel Bent since the latter also experienced many pitfalls before becoming the successful singer she is today.

Interviewed by our colleagues from Tele Star, the coach of The Voice confided in her difficult journey and far from being won when she arrived in Paris to realize her dream of one day becoming a singer ” When you don’t have money, it’s complicated to get started. To get to my castings, especially that of the Nouvelle Star on M6, I took a train without a ticket. I also slept outside. A painful memory for Sofia and Hana’s mother who now compares her experience with that of Malika that she interprets “In particular, we have this survival instinct in common. For her, to sing, to succeed in singing is to get out of poverty. I had that in me when I started. I ran the castings because, for me, it was a question of survival. Like Malika, I had to face the social barrier, poverty … ”. 

A nice revenge that Amel Bent wishes to bring out in order to give hope to the youngest coming from disadvantaged backgrounds “That’s the reality and the message of this TV movie when you come from a disadvantaged background, you have the impression that you will never get out of it “.

Faced with racism for a very long time, Amel Bent confides that she had a normal and happy childhood, “  I grew up normally. I went to school with children who looked like me, others who didn’t. “And to be today where she wanted to be professional but also in her personal life,” Today, I have two daughters from different cultures since my husband is Corsican and Marseille and I am of Algerian and Parisian origin. inherit everything without any worries “.