“I spent 6 years of my life here”

Andrea Bocellihost of italy loves romagnaA few minutes before the start of the concert, he went to the press room to greet the journalists present.

First, Tanner told an anecdote.

,I spent 6 years of my childhood in Emilia Romagna. 5 years in Reggio and uni in Bologna. I have many friends here and I have learned many things from this land and its inhabitants, including the dialect. I remember there were some women taking care of us who used to speak to me in that strange language.”

he jokes bocelliWhich then turns serious and confirms.

“I learned courage from these people. I am a friend of Emilia Romagna and I cannot miss this opportunity.

Andrea Bocelli on the occasion of italy loves romagna will sing the wretched Together Fornaciari Sugar.

,The most vivid memory of this song is when I first performed it together with Zucchero in Bassano del Grappa many years ago. I used to have long black hair, now they are short and white. There was a lot of panic then. I had to replace Luciano Pavarotti and I didn’t know how I would be received. Then… everything went well, but tonight I’m stressed too.”

The meeting ends with the intervention of Gianni Morandi who asks bocelli The secret of such a great voice.

“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do weird substances, I don’t eat heavy stuff, but I love! Love is always good!”

The press conference ends with a sudden performance on the notes of my romagna, an unprecedented duet between Andrea Bocelli And Gianni Morandi, bocelli italy loves romagna

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