I spent three years looking for cheap tech and these are my tips for paying less

Bargains exist, we’re not fooled, and finding them is easier than it looks if you know how to search.

I’ve been hunting for bargains and deals for over three years Internet, in our Offers section. Finding bargains for an audience as large as Computer Hoy’s is a very rewarding endeavor. Not only can you help a lot of people choose their next device, but you can also help them save a lot of money.

The reality is we live in a permanent discount. It’s nearly impossible to find top tech products without discounts on stores like Amazon or MediaMarkt. Android phones, in particular, often have discounts almost immediately after launch.

Between daily sales and big events like Black Friday or Prime Day, the term sale seems to have completely changed. How can we find a good price if everything is on sale?

first, Quotation period should change. Any discounts are no longer valid. Today’s 10% discount isn’t exactly a discount, it’s the typical discount you get by subscribing to the newsletter.

An offer refers to a product that has at least one Discount between 15% and 20%. If it’s a bigger discount, we’re already in a bargain situation, and anything over 25% off is always a good idea.

There are exceptions, the discount is huge, up to 40%, at this time you should seriously think about why the discount is so big. Typically, these deep discounts are often given when businesses want to clear inventory from warehouses because they have a more difficult way out. That’s not to say it’s a bad product, but if it’s been gathering dust in stores for a few years, or a new generation has arrived to replace it, you can take advantage of these huge discounts.

This brings us to one of the biggest problems that arise from spending deals, which is spending more than necessary.

This is a recurring problem when you spend a lot of time looking for quotes and everything seems expensive to you, or worse, too cheap You’ll end up buying something that won’t be as useful as you thought it would be.

Haggling is dangerous, which is why I often recommend that before you hit the buy button, you ask yourself that dreaded question again: Is it really worth it? Can I live without this gadget?

How to Save Money and Find Bargains

During this time you’ve been looking for a bargain computer today Or on our Telegram channel, I realized that in many cases, you can save a lot of money just by being patient.

What I’m talking about is not just waiting after the product launches, but waiting a week or two to get a better price.

I can personally recommend Keepa, an Amazon product search engine where you mark the price you want to pay, and it also gives you a graph of price fluctuations so you know when the price will drop again.

I already explained in an article that whenever you want to buy an expensive product, you should first look at refurbished products. They are used products of different quality categories. My experience with refurbished on Amazon has been very positive, but there are other platforms, such as Back Market, that also offer reusable products of the same quality as new ones.

The used phone business hasn’t stopped growing. According to Counterpoint, sales of these products will increase by 5% in 2022, while sales of new phones will decline by as much as 12%. Why pay full price when you can have a good quality product even if it is used?

Whenever possible, I avoid person-to-person resale sites such as Wallapop or Milanuncios. Although I am a user of the first model, when it comes to saving money second-hand, I prefer to buy from a platform that has customer service support and more importantly a return policy.

This is my second most important piece of advice, saving money is important, but Never at the cost of aftermarket hassle.

What’s more, buying on a pre-owned platform like Amazon has its advantages, as its return policy is so lenient that in some cases, you can claim a refund even if you return it after the designated test day.

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