I stay at home!, called the Federal Government to all the mexican


MEXICO CITY.- The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, he called for mexicans to stay at home, at the press conference on the COVID-19 on Saturday.

Lopez-Gatell said that the measures taken by the Government of Mexico have been taken under scientific evidence and that have been communicated repeatedly, but today called on the people of Mexico are a necessity to stay at home.

He stressed that they require the strengthening of the true fulfilment of these measures because, he said, “this is the last chance” for Mexico, to reduce the impact of the epidemic.

He explained that since the second week of march, there is a rapid growth in the number of cases per day, and that “we still have the chance” to halt the transmission of the virus.

He said that the Phase 3 is coming and that this implies the possible saturation of the hospitals, it reiterated that the only way to reduce transmission is to stay at home for a stipulated period of one month.

He added that this will not prevent to continue to grow the cases and there will be severe cases and deaths, but it can be achieved that will retard the speed of contagion, and that when we arrive at the phase of maximum diffusion, the hospitals have enough beds to attend to the cases.

He called on the public, social and private sectors, to suspend all activities, only reserving the essential as the supply of food, water, cleaning service, electricity.

Said that it is particularly necessary that the private sector and social joining with greater strength, clarity and determination.

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