«I struggled to find my place in the world»

Francesca Michielin - Photo by Alessandro Treves
Francesca Michielin – Photo by Alessandro Treves

Double date at the Rome Auditorium for Francesca Michielin which leads for the first time in theaters his new album “Loose Dogs”. The musician born in 1995, fresh from conducting X Factor, brought to the stage of the prestigious venue designed by Renzo Piano a “Disk Free from Patterns”.

“Cani Sciolti” came to life in the province and the tour started from the province (two shows in Bassano del Grappa, the singer-songwriter’s city). “I moved back from Milan to my hometown – he told thepresentation meeting with the press where I can face life without fixed patterns”. A record born and raised “against the tide”.

The Tale of the Rome Concert

Francesca Michielin “shifts the accent” and celebrates her 10-year career. An oval screen on the side of the stage welcomes the entry of the artist and her band with a video in which, dressed as a football team, they prepare to enter the stage and a 90-minute ‘game’. The opening with “big big eyes” carries the Petrassi room in a dreamlike dimension, a shiver on the precipice while “Vulcano” is the embrace of your favorite person in a moment of discouragement. An alternation of new and “old” songs that translates into a perfect lineup.

“We are grateful to this place, the Auditorium, we first came here to open Alanis Morissette. This is where the music is protected. We owe a lot to this place” says Michielin while with “Lions” recall the summer. “When you’re 20, you struggle to understand your place in the world. But in the end also stic*zzi” continues the story to present the “two twin pieces” – “Padua can kill you more than Milan” and “Bolivia” – and admits to believing “in the community and in the family”.

Don’t miss the latest Sanremo success “Call Me By Name” while the songs of “2640” are the most loved by the public – on “I don’t dress by the sea” he indulges in a ‘Forza Roma’. Loved the classics “Distracted”, “One Heart in Two” And “Everything is great”. With “No Degree Of Separation”competing at Eurovision 2016, the singer-songwriter greets the audience and leaves the stage – “I don’t do 3 hours like Baglioni, people get fucked up with me”.

The encores open with the new one “verbena” before a tribute to Taylor Swift with “All Too Well”one of Francesca Michielin’s greatest inspirations. “bonsoir” closes the new artistic journey of the singer. “Everything has changed but basically it’s the same”. That’s right dear Francesca.

Francesca Michielin’s ladder

  1. big big eyes
  2. Volcano
  3. perfect ghetto
  4. Blink
  5. Lions
  6. To communicate
  7. a wood
  8. Bad stars
  9. Call me by name
  10. A heart in two
  11. Distracted / I wonder about you
  12. February 25th
  13. what is not there yet
  14. Cheyenne
  15. Padua can kill you more than Milan
  16. Bolivia
  17. Love exists
  18. I don’t live by the sea
  19. No degree of separation
  20. verbena
  21. All Too Well (Taylor Swift cover)
  22. Everything is magnificent
  23. bonsoir

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