“I think about the Celia Foote character all the time”

“I adored her and could be a little silly,” the actress said of the character she played in The Help.

Continuation Help would be more than happy Jessica Chastain. The actress recently gave an interview Entertainment Weeklyexpressed his desire to return as Celia Foote: “I feel like I’ve had a lot of experience with many of the characters. With Celia, I completely immersed myself in character and didn’t have as much material because I was a side part of the story. This is a character I would like to revisit“.

Jessica Chastain wants a sequel Help

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Therefore, the actress admitted that she wants to play the character again, which she played in The Help, and that she constantly thinks about it. I just want to do something. Celia and Minnie to the center of the story and see what happened to the two characters. Perhaps in the end they began to live together and raise a child, helping each other, they were best friends. How awesome would this movie be? I liked it and I could be a little stupid“.

The Help stars Skeeter, a white girl, a recent college graduate who has decided to move back home to her wealthy parents in Mississippi. A young woman wants to be a writer and starts working for a small local newspaper where she answers housewives’ mail. But hypocrisy and racism reigned in the 1960s, pushing her to collect in the book the points of view of many African-American women who work as servants in white families, making a fuss …

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