“I took full face”: Michel Cymes faced with strong criticism, still hurt, he expresses himself


Since the appearance of Covid-19, Michel Cymes has been talked about a lot in the media. Sometimes a victim of his own words, he confided in the many criticisms he had to face.

When you are a public figure, it is important to know how to weigh your words, and sometimes even to take a grain of salt on sensitive subjects. And that, Michel Cymes has learned the hard way over the last few months, ” when, in terms of health, people are not happy, I am the first to take. “

It must be said that being a facilitator and doctor in a time of health crisis is not always easy, and despite his various excuses, Michel Cymes had to accept virulent criticism ” The Covid makes everyone nervous and the scientific discourse is hardly audible. I took full face without really understanding why “ he confided to the magazine France Sunday there is little, before explaining the possible reasons of this relentlessness  ” I was made to say things that I had not said . It’s like that when you are very exposed, you have to accept it “.

It all started when the host mentioned the coronavirus last March while calling it harmless and just “another virus that looks like the flu. It’s not the flu, but it’s still a viral disease like we have them every year “. Not being “absolutely not worried” about the situation, Michel Cymes then decided to join his colleagues on the ground in April ” You realize, first of all, that there is a great calm in resuscitation, unlike to the emergency services. There, in the intensive care units,  people are very calm “.  Words that then had the effect of a bomb on social networks. 

In an attempt to defend himself and calm the situation, Adriana Karembeu’s sidekick was then expressed in the columns of the Express ” It’s true,  I may have made a mistake  in trying to reassure French. However, I did not say anything other than what the great professors said at the time . “. After a mea culpa on the set of Quotidien, Michel Cymes was able to find a calmer daily life and today also defends the vaccine, ” I think that  all doctors should be vaccinated, have their photos taken and show their patients that they can do it too . “