“I took the red pill”

The actor turned down the role for two reasons: both will literally amaze you!

Career Brad Pitt is littered with roles and films that have allowed him to leave an indelible mark on recent Hollywood history. However, like many of his colleagues, the actor was forced or chose to refuse roles during his career, which later became a real success for others. Among his “regrets” there is an important role, namely the role Neo in the saga of matrix.

Brad Pitt and the refusal of the role of Neo in the saga of matrix

Brad Pitt;  cinematography.it

Brad Pitt turned down the role of Neo in matrix for two reasons: firstly, he did not understand the plot at the time, and secondly, he believed that the film would become a blockbuster. Things, as you know, have developed literally differently, but the actor does not regret the decision made more than 20 years ago. “I took the red pill. I come from a place – maybe it’s my upbringing – where if you don’t take something, it’s not really yours. Well, I guess that role was never mine. It was a strangerthe star said. It must be said that in the same year in which matrix was released, Brad Pitt was not left empty-handed: after all, he played the character of Tyler Durden in the cult film Fight club.

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